Mazda News & Events | Mazda CX-60 SUV Changes the Driving Game

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There’s no doubt about it: South Africa features a very keen SUV market. From soccer moms looking for a spacious solution to their children’s sporting gear to off-roading dads looking for an escape from city life. South African SUVs is where practicality meets luxury in the most authentic way. However, it’s not every day that you find a luxury SUV that not only offers you Japanese engineering prowess with a 100-year history, but also stands strong in its value proposition.

Aki Anastasiou and Craig Roberts, Managing Director of Mazda Southern Africa, sit down and explore all the new features, designs and benefits that make the Mazda CX-60 one of the favourites to drive now.

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As the new flagship of the Mazda range, the CX-60 comes with a plethora of technological features that make most people sit up and notice. This includes a 360° see-through view, Mazda radar cruise control and, most importantly, the driver personalisation system that recognises facial features and adjusts to your driving habitat accordingly.

Along with the beautiful styling, the CX-60 offers an increased space capacity, making it one of the largest models in the brand’s range of vehicles. In a bid to always improve its driving experience, the CX-60 also features a powerful new drive train and transmission, amongst other mechanical enhancements, that makes the Mazda CX-60 a real contender in the market.

Available from May ’23, the Mazda CX-60 is available for test drive across South Africa at a Mazda dealer near you. Call now and meet your Mazda today.