Best Small Cars For First Time Drivers

by Admin |

Shopping for your first car is an exhilarating journey, but one that can be overwhelming for new a new driver, with a number of important decisions that need to be made. South Africa boasts a diverse car market, catering to different needs, budgets, and tastes. Small cars, in particular, have become a favourite for many new drivers due to their agility, fuel efficiency, and compact nature.

Let’s dive into the qualities you should keep in mind when deciding which small car or hatchback to go with:

  1. Easy Manoeuvrability: The hallmark of an excellent first-time driver's car is its ease of driving. The compact wheelbase of smaller vehicles affords first time drivers more control when needing to avoid potholes. Compact cars, especially those from the land of the rising sun, stand out in this regard. Their turning radius and dimensions make navigating through tight South African streets and parking spaces a breeze.

  2. Fuel Efficiency: As fuel prices continue to surge, for first time drivers fuel efficiency is paramount. Japanese cars have carved a niche for themselves when it comes to offering remarkable fuel economy. Such vehicles not only save on costs but also serve as an eco-friendly choice for the increasingly environmentally conscious youth of today. The economical aspect should be a central one for first time drivers.
  3. Advanced Safety Features: For drivers without much experience on the road, safety should remain at the forefront for first time drivers. Technologies such as ABS, EBD and EBA ensure safety for peace of mind on the open road. Mazda’s cars all provide these features as standard, as well as child restraint anchor points (ISOFIX) for a new family and seat-belt occupant sensor with warning (front & rear).

  4. Affordability: Initial purchase cost is often a deciding factor, especially for first time drivers. Compact cars generally come with a pocket-friendly price tag. Moreover, brands such as Mazda are renowned for their vehicle durability and lower maintenance costs, ensuring value for money in the long run. Mazda also offers a comprehensive 3 year/unlimited kilometre warranty and service plan with all of its vehicles, giving support and guaranteed value back to first time drivers.

  5. Modern Tech and Interiors: Connectivity and cutting-edge technology are no longer luxuries but are necessities for the modern generation, and so a first time driver must consider what’s important to them. Leading compact cars today boast touchscreen interfaces, blue-tooth connectivity, and other contemporary features that resonate with the tech-savvy youth.

While cars from European countries are often associated with luxury, Japanese brands have beautifully combined luxury with practicality, offering drivers the best of both worlds. Take full advantage of Mazda’s wireless charging, Bose speakers and both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support for select models.