When is the new Mazda CX-60 Takumi launching in South Africa?
1st March 2023.
How many models are there in the Mazda CX-60 range?
There are two. The Mazda CX-60 2.5L Dynamic RWD and the Mazda CX-60 2.5L AWD Individual and the 3.3L TAKUMI AWD.
Is there a Mazda CX-60 Hybrid?

Yes there is, the Mazda CX-60 3.3L TAKUMI AWD

Can the Mazda CX-60 go off-road?
Yes. The Mazda Intelligent Drive gives you the ability to switch between 4 distinct driving modes: Normal, Off-road, Towing and Sport.
Can I add anything like a towbar or roof rails to the Mazda CX-60?

The only accessory available from Mazda SA is the towbar. However, the dealership you are purchasing from will be able to assist with additional requests.

Does the Mazda CX-60 come with wireless charging?
The vehicle boasts over 80 standard features, including a driver personalization system, electronic tilt and telescopic steering wheel adjustment, Mazda Radar Cruise Control, See-through View Monitor integrated into the 360°-view monitor, 12-inch center display screen, color-changing 12-inch meter display, 8-speed automatic transmission, panoramic roof, bar-type front grille, and hands-free liftgate. The Mazda Intelligent-Drive now offers four distinct drive mode selections: Normal, Sport, Off-road, and Towing. For added convenience, a charging pad in the front center console enables Qi-enabled phone charging while driving, and opening the liftgate is as simple as waving your foot under the vehicle's rear sensor. Additionally, wireless Apple CarPlay comes standard as part of the entry-level feature lineup.
I am not tech savvy. Are the display screens easy to navigate or must I call a millennial to help me?
At the heart of Mazda design is the driver. Every feature and detail has been designed to make driving this car as effortless and intuitive as possible. (Human machine interface, HMI) To improve visibility we have designed a 12.3” full LCD instrument cluster with gauges that display full-scale graphics, along with a larger 12.3” screen for the centre display so all the information is easily and clearly displayed. Mazda’s Kodo design is based around a philosophy where less is more. Ensuring no unnecessary complications, allowing for simple and easy access and convenience.
What is ADAS?
This acronym stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Mazda’s safety system is designed to help you avoid and reduce the risk of accidents. E.g. Blind spot monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane-Keep Assist System etc.
What is ‘Speed Limit Assist’?
This system works closely with the MRCC system. which uses cameras to recognise the speed signs and adjust the speed of the car accordingly. This is also known as TSR (traffic sign recognition system). So you can say goodbye to speeding fines.
What is the Mazda 360 View Monitor?
It uses a four-camera system that covers all sides of the vehicle to give you a bird’s eye view of the car from above on the centre display, as well as a choice of front, rear and left or right-side views, ensuring that all possible stationary and moving obstacles are avoided during reversing or parking.
How does the Driver Personalization System work?
Upon entering the car, the system utilizes an in-car camera to detect your eye position and automatically adjusts the driver's seat, steering wheel, audio, climate settings, mirror angles, and all adjustable safety features to create an optimal driving experience tailored to you. The driver can further fine-tune the seat position for perfect harmony between you and the car. The system can store profiles for up to six users, utilizing facial recognition to customize settings for each individual, ensuring a personalized driving environment for all occupants.
My child has sensory issues and needs calm spaces. How quiet are the engine and cabin?
We look at every detail of your driving experience and sound is no exception. The new Mazda CX-60 has enhanced Mazda Harmonic Acoustics which eliminates all unpleasant noise so you can enjoy a refined quietness and calm driving experience.
I am quite tall and struggle to find the right steering wheel position.
You can adjust the height and depth of the steering wheel electronically. The steering telescopic adjustment can extend to 70mm, so a tall person can find a comfortable steering position. With the personalisation system, the vehicle also provides an easy entry and exit mode that modes the driver seat backward and lower to allow for driver convenience and ease.
How big is the boot space? I love gardening and need a car with ample space
You’ll find enough space in the new Mazda CX-60. Cargo room, height from floor to roof is 800mm and cargo room from floor to tonneau cover measures 498.5 mm.