So you don’t want to commit to the long term payments connected with car ownership.
Mazda Assured’s 3 year contract is the alternative. It puts you behind the wheel of a brand new Mazda with a comprehensive service plan, giving you total peace of mind.
After that you simply return the vehicle with no further financial obligations. Simple right?




With Mazda Assured, you have the option to RETURN your keys once your 3-year Mazda contract expires, with no further financial obligations. Mazda will help ensure you keep the car in the pre-agreed condition and kilometres with a 3-year service plan, as well as paint and dent protection.

Simple, right?


From the size of your family to the things you love to do, your life is always changing. With Mazda Assured, you can RENEW your 3-year contract with a brand-new Mazda that suits your new lifestyle. Or you can renew your 3-year contract and enjoy the Mazda you love the most all over again.

Simple, right?



With Mazda Assured, you get the option to RETAIN your Mazda once the contract has expired. Buy it at its current value and stick to the Mazda you love the most. We’ll even help you finance it with or without a deposit.

Simple, right?

Our most frequently asked questions

What is Mazda Assured?

Put simply, Mazda Assured is a Mazda Confidence finance solution created to meet your need for a lower monthly instalment giving you the reassurance of a 65% future value as you focus on the freedom of the road ahead.

What are the benefits of Mazda Assured?

Mazda Assured is a financial solution which assurances an end-of-term value of your car at the end of a 36 months usage term contract. This finance solution is specifically tailored to meet your requirements and is packaged with flexible parameters, to get you behind the latest Mazda more often.

How does Mazda Assured work?
  • Choose the perfect Mazda model for you
  • Select the Mazda Assured solution
    • Take note of the 20000km travel limit per year (The selected annual usage limit is aligned to the end-of-term value)
    • Take note of the usage term of 36 months
    • Review the Service Plan and Scratch & Dent Policy included in your service plan to keep your car in ‘acceptable condition’.
    • Take note the ‘acceptable condition’ is essentially the amount of deterioration that would be considered reasonable. This takes into account a vehicle’s age, kilometres and the overall covering condition such as the mechanics, bodywork, electrics to upholstery and fair wear and tear
    • Review your warranty available for the duration of use
  • Select one of the participating dealers to contact you back and get the process in motion
What happens if there are damages to my car?

We want you to get your full future value. That’s why we provide a complimentary damage assessment toward the end of your 3 years, advising on any extra costs outside of the Fair Wear & Tear Guide. Think of it as us setting you up to succeed.

How do I upgrade my Assured Kilometre Limit?

The kilometre limit is set at the start of your contract, this is how we guarantee your future value. Because of this, you cannot exceed this kilometre limit. However, if you feel you need to add on a different kilometre limit, we can adjust your Mazda Assured kilometre limit and set a new future value. You can do this by contacting your Servicing Dealer.

How do I contact a participating dealer to upgrade my limited Mileage KM?

Simply contact the dealership where you signed all your Mazda Assured contractual agreements. This is your go-to dealership. But, if you’ve lost their contact details, you can find them on our locator or call 0861 370 134 to get in touch.

What happens at the end of the Mazda Assured 36-month term?

At the end of your term, you’ll have an exciting decision between three options:


  • At end of the 36 month term you will have the option to renew your vehicle, which means, upgrade to a newer Mazda model.


  • At end of the 36 month term you will have the option to choose to keep your current Mazda, in which case you can choose to settle your finance payment, which is equal to the end-of-term value or you can choose to refinance your Mazda with the Mazda Secured instalment finance option.


  • At end of the 36 month term you will have the option to choose to return your current Mazda, in line with the Mazda Assured terms and conditions, which includes; the compliance of the usage limits set and the conditions of the fair wear and tear policy are met.
Is Mazda Assured available across all Mazda Models?

Mazda Assured is available across all Mazda models excluding the BT-50.

Are there exclusions with this option?

Mazda Assured is not available in conjunction with any other finance offer.


The material on this website is provided for information and awareness purposes only. Models shown may not be to Southern Africa specification. Mazda Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to make changes without notice in product content and price at any time. Colours and some exterior and/or interior elements may differ on screen from the actual model. All prices are in Rand and are Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices (*MSRP) including VAT. Prices exclude dealer delivery and metallic paint.

*The MSRP values include a 3 year unlimited MazdaCare Service plan.