Mazda has won the Fleet World Honours' Innovation Award for its SKYACTIV technologies. Mazda accepted the award at the Royal Automobile Club in London's Pall Mall on 11 May 2011. Fleet World Honours annually go to vehicle manufacturers, service companies and individuals who achieve the highest possible level of excellence in their sector.

Europe's first Mazda SKYACTIV vehicle will premiere at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show. It will employ traditional technologies - instead of expensive electric or hybrid systems - as a solution to high fuel prices and ever-stricter emission standards throughout Europe. SKYACTIV will achieve this by greatly improving engine efficiency, using all-new lightweight transmissions, revolutionary stop-start technology, lighter and stronger chassis systems and superior aerodynamics. This holistic approach to car development will achieve breakthroughs in compression ratio and exterior designing, while retaining Mazda's trademark Zoom-Zoom driving fun.