Mazda vehicles have always been designed and built to the highest standard of performance and reliability and now for complete peace of mind motoring; Mazda Southern Africa has introduced the Mazda Lifetime Parts Warranty which will be effective on new and existing models from January 2017.

Continuing to defy convention, MazdaSA will repair or replace any part that fails to perform its normal function without any charge to the vehicle owner for the lifetime of the vehicle being possessed by the owner. This nontransferable Mazda Lifetime Parts Warranty is an additional cover that will take effect after the 3 year / unlimited km factory warranty expires.

Claims under this warranty will exclude repair or replacement of parts required due to an accident, misuse, lack of proper maintenance, improperly performed repairs or environmental conditions damage. Incorrectly installed parts, non-approved parts and vehicle modifications as well as parts installed to vehicles that are used for competition, racing or emergency will also be excluded.

Serviceable parts; parts replaced under the provisions of the manufacturer’s warranty; batteries, additives, oils, seals, gaskets, trim items and glass or any parts replaced at the owners request that were deemed inappropriate or unnecessary by the Mazda dealer will also not be included under this warranty.

The Mazda Lifetime Parts warranty applies to those replacement parts fitted by a Mazda authorised dealer and fully paid for by the vehicle owner; so the vehicle owner will be required to produce the original repair invoice when returning to the dealer for repairs under this warranty.