The all-new Mazda6 – now in its third generation – is also the first mass-production model equipped with i-ELOOP, Mazda’s unique regenerative braking system. It’s the most recent ingredient to Sustainable Zoom-Zoom, the company’s building block strategy for uncompromisingly efficient and fun-to-drive vehicles. i-ELOOP joins the innovative i-stop system and SKYACTIV powertrains, chassis and body introduced on the Mazda CX-5 to set new levels for fuel economy and CO2 emissions.

“Drivers will experience a remarkably linear response from the choice of three SKYACTIV engines, one diesel and two petrol power plants transferring power to the wheels via six-speed manual or automatic transmissions. The SKYACTIV-CHASSIS’s clever steering and suspension ensure superior handling in a car that responds to driver input with precision. The SKYACTIV-BODY, meanwhile, offers class-leading safety thanks to highly rigid impact-absorbing structures and innovative load paths to disperse impact energy away from the cabin. And to help the driver prevent accidents from happening in the first place, the new Mazda6 features an impressive array of advanced active safety technologies. Even when a collision is unavoidable, they work to diminish its severity for occupants and pedestrians – and even the vehicle itself, says David Hughes Managing Director Mazda South Africa.

The new Mazda6’s interior, where form meets function in a highly ergonomic cockpit built to make driving as enjoyably effortless as possible. Everything is exactly where it should be. Even the repositioned A-pillars, moved rearwards relative to the previous model, contribute to a stress-free experience by widening the driver’s field of view. Passengers find a relaxing atmosphere in the cabin, which features sporty comfort and segment-leading dimensions accompanied by the latest infotainment technology.

Mazda’s designers and engineers have truly come up with a striking piece of machinery whose looks immediately divulge what’s underneath. A symbiotic blend of sporty, linear performance and smooth refinement that’s destined to exceed customers’ expectations in the CD-segment.

Model line-up

The Mazda6 range is as follows:

2.0L Active Manual

2.0L Active Automatic

2.5L Dynamic Automatic

2.5L Individual Automatic

2.2L DE Dynamic Automatic

2.2L DE Atenza Automatic



The Mazda6 is designed and built to the highest standard of performance and reliability. This standard is backed up by a 3-year unlimited kilometre factory warranty. To provide complete peace of mind motoring, a 3-year roadside assistance, a 3-year service plan and a 5-year Corrosion Warranty are also included. 


An exceptional presence creates an expectation of outstanding driving performance every time you glance at the car

The all-new Mazda6 is the mass production model born of the Mazda Takeri concept car. It has a robust framework and a low, wide stance that expresses strength and stability, creating the impression of vitality without detracting from the universal aesthetic appeal and beautiful form it displays as a CD segment vehicle.

We have created a design in which the wild and dynamic expressions of motion artistically realize a powerful presence. Simply looking at the car heightens one’s expectations about the driving experience even before actually riding in it.At a single glance, the exterior design conveys animalistic tenacity, dignity and a sporty flare through its smooth and powerful physique. The coordinated interior, in keynote black, is both chic and contemporary without compromising on a timeless feeling of luxury and quality.


  • In the front view, we incorporated the ‘signature wing’, a unifying element of the new Mazda family face design, into the deeply sculpted face. The hood creases extend from the tips of the signature wing and flow into the body character lines. Together with the solid design of the nose, they complement the overall dynamic form of the body that expresses a strong desire for motion. 
  • Three character lines dominate the side view – an elegant line that extends forward from the rear tire, a rear fender line suggesting driving force from the vehicle’s hind quarter, and a front fender line denoting strong shoulders supporting nimble forefeet. The combination of these lines capture the form of a predator crouched and poised ready to leap forward in an explosion of movement. 
  • The rear view displays stability through the well balanced proportions of the wedged body, prominent rear fender and compact cabin. 
  • For the head lights, signature LED luminescence and halo ring light guides are adopted for the first time in a Mazda mass production vehicle. 
  • Available with 17- and 19- inch aluminium wheels.


  • Methodical interior design reflects the new Mazda6’s sophisticated, harmonious atmosphere. 
  • Driver-oriented cockpit with a clean, consistent look and layout for controls to make operation as intuitive as possible, and passenger accommodation designed to convey peace of mind. 
  • High quality polished aluminium look for parts like the door handles and gearshift knob, with soft materials on items most often touched (e.g. steering wheel). 
  • The two main interior lines, which flow across the instrument panel and through to the door trim, convey stability and reliability. 
  • Attractive lightweight contoured seats deliver a sporty wrap-around feel, outstanding support and remarkable long-distance comfort. 
  • Black leather seat standard across the range.



Quality that raises the anticipation of “driving pleasure”

New generation Mazda products are developed under the design craftsmanship concept which incorporates the designer’s aesthetic sense into a base of detailed and precise engineering. Full-scale implementation of this concept with the new Mazda6 enabled a high-quality, premium finish with a harmony of form and quality while not compromising on functionality. Attention was paid not only to areas passengers see and touch but also to the feel and sound of operating the vehicle in order to create a sense of unity throughout the car. An overall feeling of quality appeals to all the senses and creates an expectation that the all-new Mazda6 will offer heightened levels of driving pleasure no matter where you take it.

  • Details of all parts, including design motif, moulding, and surface grain and gloss treatments are carefully executed according to a consistent philosophy. 
  • In the cabin, the instrument panel is laid out horizontally, and a smooth continuity between the upper area of the instrument panel and the door trim creates an impression of simplicity and neatness. 
  • Care has been taken to ensure metal-like decorations, such as satin chrome plating. 
  • Parts which the driver often handles, such as the steering wheel, shift knob and parking brake lever are carefully crafted to achieve a smooth and consistent feel. 
  • The layout of the instrument display and operating devices surrounding the driver’s seat has been optimized in consideration of both the characteristics of human vision and arm and hand movements.


Packaging that fills everyday with joy and pleasure

A spacious and comfortable environment is provided within the dynamic and elegant body form realized by KODO design. It offers an environment where the driver can relax and concentrate on the pleasure of driving. A feeling of anticipation is stirred every time you look at the car, run your hand over the fender, grasp the wheel or adjust the mirror.Two fundamental aims directed the development of the packaging. The first was to realize spacious, comfortable cabin that perfectly matches KODO design. The second was to refine the cockpit environment where the driver can feel completely at ease to enjoy the drive. The new Mazda6 packaging provides driver and passengers with a great environment in which to savour the “joy of driving”.

Spacious cabin

  • The 2,830mm long wheel base allows a spacious backseat area, ample interior space and a broad canvas for the unrestrained expression of KODO. 
  • Compared to the previous model, the front wheel has been moved forward by 100mm in relation to the A-pillar resulting in reduced overhang. The rear deck is also shorter than the previous model. The car’s stance, with the bulk of the mass toward the rear, gives a sense of explosive power ready to be unleashed at any moment. 
  • Shoulder room of 1,450mm in the front seat (20mm wider than the previous model) and a large radius corner on the centre console ensure comfortable seating. 
  • The rear seats feature ample legroom with knee clearance 43 mm greater than the previous model and amongst the best in the segment. Leg space is 984 mm, which is 37 mm improved on the previous model. The length of the rear seat cushion is increased 20 mm and the seat back length increased 33 mm. The rear centre arm rest has been enlarged by 60 mm. 
  • The trunk was designed from an ergonomic perspective. Upper opening width is 32mm wider than the previous model, for easy loading. A swan hinge enables easy and smooth opening and closing of the trunk.

Cockpit environment

Cockpit designed to promote simple and accurate recognition of controls and indicators.

  • An adjustable front seat combined with adjustable tilt and telescopic steering wheel enable precise adjustment of the driving position. 
  • Trip management information (e.g. fuel consumption) is displayed on a 3.5-inch multi-information display in the meter cluster. 5.8-inch touchscreen for infotainment systems located in an ergonomically high position on the centre stack. By separating information into categories and showing them on two different displays, readability and operability were further enhanced.
  • High-connectivity infotainment features include:
  • Premium 11-speaker BOSE® surround sound designed exclusively for the Individual and Atenza derivatives, including Bose® Centerpoint® 2 virtual surround playback technology.
  • iPod®, USB and Bluetooth® connections (incl. hands-free mobile connectivity) as well as an AUX jack.- Improved noise suppression and voice recognition functionality.
  • Climate control system optimized to reduce size and power use yet still deliver superb heating and cooling along with better air flow in the cabin.
  • Parking sensors standard across the range, rear parking camera for the Individual and Atenza derivatives are some of the features newly introduced in the Mazda6 range.


Impressive dynamic performance to achieve precise handling

In driving dynamics, the aim was to provide an exhilarating driving experience that can only be felt when the driver and car become one. Mazda’s fundamental belief is that a smooth linear response to driver input is the basis of driving pleasure, and full enjoyment cannot be attained through speed and power alone. This was the motivation for the introduction of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY throughout the car including the engine, transmission, body and chassis.

Aiming to realize both agility and linearity by uniting the driver and car, Mazda concentrated on providing outstanding levels of high performance via a control system that responds to the driver’s intentions. In terms of acceleration characteristics, this means natural, linear acceleration in response to pedal operation without a hint of jerkiness or delay.

For cornering characteristics, this means faithfully responding to steering input, providing immediate feedback from the road and mildly increasing roll so that no steering adjustment is required to maintain the desired cornering line. Finally, for braking characteristics, this means braking performance that gives the driver the feeling of being in complete control, including when releasing the brakes.

Closely concentrating on human sensitivity in this way, Mazda strove to balance fundamentally contradictory characteristics of motion: refined, supple motion and light, agile motion. Appropriate for the Mazda flagship model, extremely impressive driving performance including superior high-speed straight-line stability that gives the feeling of complete control has been realized, thus providing an enjoyable, comfortable drive regardless of distance.

Chassis & Body

  • The all-new Mazda6 has a finely tuned SKYACTIV-CHASSIS front strut and rear multi-link suspension systems, which deliver agile driving performance in the low to mid speed ranges and stability in high speed driving. 
  • SKYACTIV-CHASSIS column-type electric power assist steering system offers precise control by responding to small steering inputs as needed without forcing changes in the positions of the hands holding the wheel and contributing to a linear steering feel. The new control assist enhances straight-ahead stability and prevents steering pull on rough road surfaces. 
  • The optimized brake booster curves deliver effective, precise and assured braking performance all the way up to high G areas attributable to easily-controllable initial pedalling and enhanced stability enabled by higher brake cooling efficiency. 
  • Robust SKYACTIV-BODY structure makes wider use of ultra-high tensile steel and results in a weight reduction while at the same time improving torsional rigidity by about 30%.
  • Engineering efforts in NVH performance focused on achieving class-leading quietness in the cabin and creating a pleasant yet exhilarating engine sound under acceleration. The improved NVH performance mainly comes from effectively blocking noise paths from the engine and the road to the cabin and designing parts to effectively absorb sound energy.

SKYACTIV Powertrains

SKYACTIV-G petrol engine equipped models offer abundant torque characteristics at low engine speeds enabling acceleration that precisely matches the driver’s intentions in various driving situations, contributing to a precise and linear response; high-quality ride and superb fuel economy performance.

SKYACTIV-G 2.0 petrol engine models

  • a 13:1 compression ratio 
  • a specially designed 4-2-1 exhaust system and enhanced fuel spray properties, among other things, to counter the drawbacks to such high compression 
  • maximum torque is 200Nm at 4,000rpm and maximum power is 114kW at 6,000rpm 
  • (AT) Fuel consumption is 6.0 litres per 100 km (combined) and CO2 emission is 138g/km. 
  • (MT) Fuel consumption is 6.1 litres per 100 km (combined) and CO2 emission is 142g/km.

All-new SKYACTIV-G 2.5 petrol engine models

  • the same technology as the 2.0-litre SKYACTIV-G to make high compression so efficient 
  • a balance shaft to offset the added vibration from the powerful SKYACTIV engine 
  • maximum torque is 250Nm at 3,250rpm and maximum power is 138kW at 5,700rpm. Fuel consumption is 6.6 litres per 100 km (combined) and CO2 emission is 153g/km.

All-new SKYACTIV-D 2.2 diesel engine models

  • a 14:1 compression ratio 
  • a variable twin turbocharger 
  • maximum torque is 420Nm at 2,000rpm and maximum power is 129kW at 4,500rpm. Fuel consumption is 5.3 litres per 100 km (combined) and CO2 emission is 139g/km.


Features for driving pleasure and peace of mind

Environmental and safety performance was further enhanced in the all-new Mazda6 so customers can enjoy driving with peace of mind. In terms of environmental performance, the addition of i-stop and i-ELOOP on the Skyactiv 2.5 litre derivatives, improves the already outstanding fuel economy achieved with SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY. The foundation of the new Mazda6’s safety performance lies in its outstanding handling that responds immediately to the driver’s input, excellent visibility and the crash-worthiness of the highly rigid SKYACTIV-BODY. On top of this, an array of advanced safety technologies has been employed to support the driver in the safe operation of the vehicle.

Environmental performance

  • The new Mazda 6 is the first model to adopt the “i-ELOOP” brake energy regeneration system for Skyactiv 2.5 petrol engine derivatives, which contributes to an improvement in fuel efficiency in real world driving situations. This is the world’s first passenger car brake energy regeneration system that uses a capacitor to power the vehicle’s electrical components. 
  • The “i-stop,” Mazda’s original idling stop system is introduced to the new Mazda6. This system boasts a class-leading engine re-start time of 0.35 seconds. 
  • Award-winning single-nanotechnology in the catalyst improves the exhaust gas after-treatment process and reduces the amount of precious metal required.
i-ELOOP: Mazda’s brake energy regeneration system- Available only on Skyactiv G 2.5l derivativesMazda’s new brake energy regeneration system is rather unique. i-ELOOP (short for “intelligent Energy Loop”) uses a capacitor to store electricity recovered during deceleration to power the vehicle’s electrical systems, thereby improving fuel economy.Mazda’s engineers determined that a typical vehicle deceleration phase lasts only about 10 seconds. Realizing that the effectiveness of regenerative braking to date has been limited by the charging and storage drawbacks of conventional lead-acid starter batteries, they instead adopted an electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC), which recharges fully within only a few seconds. An efficient 12V-25V variable voltage alternator generates the electricity and charges the EDLC; a DC/DC converter then steps down the voltage to power electrical components like the climate control and audio systems, with any surplus going to the starter battery.A full capacitor charge is enough to run the vehicle’s electrical systems for a minute or so. This makes i-ELOOP the perfect companion for i-stop, as there is no need to revert to battery power even when Mazda’s idle-stop system has shut the car off. During stop-and-go city driving, charging often resumes before the capacitor is fully discharged. i-ELOOP can therefore produce most if not all of a vehicle’s electricity needs, whereas normally some of the engine’s output is required just to drive the alternator. By freeing up this engine capacity, i-ELOOP increases fuel economy under everyday urban driving conditions.

Safety performance

The new Mazda6 has a range of innovative passive safety features like:

  • The highly-rigid impact absorbing SKYACTIV-Body, with more lightweight ultra-high tensile steel than ever.
  • An improved front-end design with larger crumple zones to better prevent cabin deformation, also reducing repair costs following milder collisions.
  • A strengthened cabin cage structure for better side impact protection along with reinforced rear frame and bumper structures.
  • Trim and other interior components redesigned to prevent or reduce injuries to occupants. 
  • Improved anti-whiplash front seats.
  • Rear seat components reinforced to help prevent luggage from intruding into the cabin.
  • Standard front, side and curtain airbags.
  • A bonnet and body cowl enhanced to provide more give and better protect pedestrians, especially from head injuries.
  • Bumper designed to protect pedestrians’ legs in case of an impact.


Model line-up

The Mazda6 range is as follows:

  • 2.0L Active Manual 
  • 2.0L Active Automatic 
  • 2.5L Dynamic Automatic 
  • 2.5L Individual Automatic 
  • 2.2L DE Dynamic Automatic 
  • 2.2L DE Atenza Automatic


The Mazda6 is designed and built to the highest standard of performance and reliability. This standard is backed up by a 3-year unlimited kilometre factory warranty. To provide complete peace of mind motoring, a 3-year roadside assistance, a 3-year service plan and a 5-year Corrosion Warranty are also included.



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