Criteria for Evaluating Applications for Grants


The following must be answered in the affirmative for a Project Notification to proceed to 'second round' (that is, full application).

1. Applicant

  • Clearly identified?
  • Does the Project Notification include an adequate description of the Applicant (when established, overview of aims and objectives, any distinctive organizational attributes)?
  • Any relationship between Applicant and any 'auspicing body' is clear and transparent?
  • Appears competent to satisfactorily execute Project?
  • Registered for VAT?
  • SARS endorsed tax deductible gift recipient?
  • SARS income exempt charity?


2. Project

  • Clearly falls within Foundation's Aims and Objectives?
  • Falls within Priority Area of Focus? If not, departure from Priority Area must be recognized and approved by the Foundation's Board.
  • Foundation would make a meaningful contribution by making the Grant to the Applicant for the Project.
  • Appears to represent an effective use of Grant.
  • Will the Grant adequately fund Project to completion, or will further or recurrent funding be required? Is there a risk of the Project terminating if further or recurrent funding is not forthcoming?


3. Reputation

  • The Foundation, Mazda Southern Africa and officers of each of them (All Relevant Parties) would be proud to be associated with the Applicant and the Project (including having regard to other known sponsors of the Applicant and other known providers of funding to the Project).



4. Applicant

4.1 Is the Applicant competent to execute the Project?

  • Is the Applicant (or any institution with whom the Applicant is associated) publically recognized as having credibility in relation to proposals of the type concerned?
  • Does the application demonstrate the adequacy of the Applicant's :
  • (a) experience
  • (b) management and administration
  • (c) achievements; and/or
  • (d) qualifications,in relation to proposals of the type concerned?


4.2 Does the application indicate the Applicant's capacity to fund the Project to its completion?

  • Is it apparent that the Applicant will be able to fund the Project to completion if the Grant is made?
  • Are any other sources of funds indicated? Are they reliable?
  • Are other grants involved? If so, have they been secured?


5. Grant

  • How much is sought? Are varying levels available for funding? Over
  • what period of time?
  • Does the Applicant receive Government funding? If so, how significant and how reliable is it?
  • Will the Foundation have a unique position in relation to funding the Project or will it be one of many sponsors?
  • Is there a budget for the Project? Is it realistic? Does it suggest the Foundation will have a unique position in the Project?
  • What proportion of Grant is likely to go on organizational overheads?
  • If the Grant involves periodical payments over a period of time, is it necessary/possible to make payment of further funding conditional upon compliance by Applicant with reporting requirements and/or satisfactory progress of the Project?

Is execution of the Project dependent on a 'key person'? If so, has the 'key person' risk been adequately addressed by the Applicant?

How will results be?

  • published;
  • distributed; and
  • Measured or evaluated?

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