From cork to cars.

In 1920, the Toyo Cork Kogyo company was founded in Hiroshima, Japan by Jujiro Matsuda. As the name suggests, the company initially manufactured cork. But Matsuda soon branched out into cars and in 1931 the name Mazda was born. It refers to the name “Matsuda” as well as the West Asian God of wisdom, intelligence and harmony, Ahura Mazda.

Jujiro Matsuda gründet 1920 das Stammhaus des heutigen Mazda Konzerns.

Mazda’s Spirit of Challenge Born in Hiroshima.

Mazda’s challenger spirit of never giving up can be traced back to the land and people of Hiroshima. After suffering a devastating blow at the end of WWII, Hiroshima refused to succumb to the devastation and went on to achieve an amazing recovery. This determination to rebuild from zero is a current that runs through Hiroshima-based Mazda. 
We welcome the difficult challenges—the ones that others say are impossible. No matter what adversity or barrier we encounter, we never give up the pursuit of our dream. This is the spirit of Hiroshima and of Mazda. New technologies are only achieved by those who dare. This is our belief, and this is how we build cars.




“Defy Convention” embodies one facet of Mazda’s challenger spirit. It is our willingness to overturn conventional wisdom. Doing what everyone else does or making good cars is not enough. We seek the less-trodden path and aim to build cars that distill the essence of fun to drive and capture people’s imagination. This is how Mazda thinks. This attitude extends not just to building cars but to all areas of Mazda, from planning and development to production and management.

We have become the manufacturer we are today because we do not see challenges as obstacles, but as the road forward.


Mazda's Challenger Spirit Nurtured in its Organization.

Teamwork is a hallmark of Mazda’s challenger spirit. Mazda’s divisions pool their resourcefulness and ingenuity to overcome problems and build cars harmonized with customers’ needs. Mazda’s unique Head Office site helps foster this atmosphere of “One Mazda”. While other automakers typically locate their development, production and sales divisions in different regions, Mazda concentrates them at the same site in Hiroshima, which facilitates real-time, effective communication across divisions. 

The challenger spirit that was born here in Hiroshima is deeply ingrained in all Mazda employees, who are now active around the world. We are committed to working as a team every day to deliver fun to drive to car enthusiasts worldwide.