Mazda Specified Engine Oil

Every Mazda vehicle has different requirements for lubricants depending on the model, engine, and oil change interval.

In order to guarantee maximum fuel economy and optimum performance for your engine, we have developed a new range of Mazda Specified Oils.

The Mazda Specified Oil range, has been tested on Mazda models and therefore meets all quality and warranty requirements.

Mazda specified engine oils are Fuel Economy lubricants

This means that they save energy and therefore are "fuel savers". Indeed, with standard engine oil, in urban driving or when starting the engine, approximately 40% of the energy is consumed by the vehicle as the result of engine friction. Fuel Economy lubricants contain special additives that are used to reduce the friction responsible for energy losses and engine wear. With a fuel economy lubricant, the engine does not need a lot of energy to start, therefore using less fuel (reducing CO2 emissions) and improving the engine lifetime of your vehicle.

Whether it is for an oil change or a top-up, the Mazda Specified Oil should be your first choice. Your Mazda dealer or Repairer will advise you on which lubricant is best for your car and will take care of the oil disposal and package recycling.