Instagram Test Drive Terms and Conditions.


1. This competition is conducted by Mazda Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd. Hereinafter referred to as Mazda/MSA.

2. This competition is opened from the 18th of February 2015 to the 30th of April 2015.

3. By choosing to enter this competition, all participants and winners agree to the rules and regulations set out below.

4. The competition is open to all South African citizens who are over 18 years of age and have a valid South African Driver’s license. The competition excludes the following people;

4.1  All employees of MSA, dealership employees associated with MSA, agent or part time employees.


4.2 Spouse, partner, immediate family members of employees and associates of MSA.

 5. This competition is only for Instagram users and can only be entered via our Mazda    Instagram page here: - Entries are restricted to photo  uploads and the use of the hashtag #SomewhereYoudRatherBe + #Mazda2.

6. The mechanism to entering the competition are as follows:

6.1  Follow Mazda South Africa on Instagram: (@mazda_sa)

6.2  Upload a picture of Somewhere You’d Rather Be on Instagram.

6.3  Use Hashtag:  #Mazda_SA  

6.4  Or alternatively, hashtag your photo of Where You’d Rather Be with: #Mazda_SA

6.5  Should your photo be interesting enough to be chosen, Mazda South Africa will share your picture onto their Instagram page.

7. For every picture you tag:  #Mazda_SA, you consent that MSA may use your photo in any other publicity material out of the Instagram platform for publicity and or internal or external use without prior warning.

8. Mazda reserves the right to use your picture in a manner that befits this promotion.

9. Everyone is allowed to enter with multiple photos although you can only win once. Anyone who enters and wins the competition is excluded from winning again in any competition ran by MSA in the next six months after winning a previous competition. MSA reserves the right to not include a previous winner from entering any competition for 6 months after winning.

10. The prize for this competition is a test drive in the all-new Mazda2 for a weekend and includes a full tank of petrol on receiving the car for the weekend.

11.Winners will have to collect the car after announcement that they have won a test drive in the Mazda2 for the weekend at Mazda or at a location agreed upon by the winner and Mazda South Africa.

12. The winner will return the car at the place they collected it by Monday, at 12pm, immediately after the weekend test drive in the Mazda2 competition.

13. The winner of the competition is solely responsible for collecting the car and agrees that he/she will be the sole driver of the vehicle from day of collecting through to day of return of the vehicle. There shall be no lending and swapping cars.

14. The winner cannot claim his/her prize over a Public Holiday, therefore each winner agrees to clear off a weekend to participate in this competition should he/she be the chosen winner.

15. Mazda South Africa, its dealerships and employees reserve the right to withhold the car should the winner be unable to drive the vehicle to avoid future unforeseen accident. Regardless of a valid South African Driver’s license.

16. The winner agrees to a “non-smoking” policy in the car and should there be traces of smoking in the car upon returning the vehicle, a fine of R2000 is liable to be paid by the competition winner.

17. The winner as named by Mazda South Africa agrees to not drive the car at any racetrack known or unknown while participating in this test drive competition in the Mazda2 for the weekend.

18. The winner agrees to pay any traffic fines for not adhering to the rules of the roads as set by The South African National Roads Agency and the Department of Transport.

19. Should a winner not be contactable or fail to claim their prize on a set date, Mazda South Africa reserves the right to award another winner given the first winner fails to communicate with Mazda South Africa in 3 days.

20. The prize winner will be announced on the same platform they entered on. A winner should then provide  his/her contact details to Mazda South Africa to

21. Prizes cannot be transferred for cash, nor traded for something either than what the prize is.

22. The winner cannot lend or trade his prize with another in favour of any personal gain not stated in the terms and conditions

23. All participants and winners indemnify Mazda South Africa, its dealerships, employees and associates as well as contractors against any loss, death or damage to property, implicit or explicit and/or claims and harm that should occur caused during claims of the prize and during the experience of the prize. Unless due to Mazda South Africa’s own carelessness.

24. Mazda reserves the right to withdraw from awarding this prize to a winner under investigation or explicitly stated that it is unlawful for us to supply such a prize to you.

25. All participants, winners agree that participation in the competition, and your acceptance and/or use of the prize, is at your own risk.

26. Mazda reserves the right to stop competition at any point should the desired results be interfered with due to unlawful handling of competition rules and guidelines as to be stated by a valid document from authorities.

27. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered to arising from the terms and conditions.